Urban Decay Born To Run Makeup Tutorial ||Palette Tutorial (5)

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I hope you’re doing well? I still can’t believe I have this palette in my collection – it’s just so so pretty! I’ve been scrolling through my IG feed (do you follow me on Insta? – @Charliestarblogs) saving looks I want to recreate when I came across one by the gorgeous @Auroreblogs and decided I just had to recreate it with the new Urban Decay palette. In fact this ‘oil spill’ effect has been quite popular across Instagram so I’ve had a few different accounts give me the inspo. These colours are very different for me and I don’t know if that’s a positive or negative so let me know what you think of the look in the comments at the end!

Final Tagged.jpg

To create this look I used the biggest variety of shades I’ve ever used in a tutorial and most likely for any look EVER! A whole eight shades were used for the look which meant I was able to get a really good feel for how the shadows preformed.

Numbered Palette.jpg

Continuing my style of doing my eye makeup tutorials like a paint-by-numbers I’ve labeled the shades in the Born To Run palette as I think this actually makes it easier to follow, particularly if you are using a different collection of shadows. For reference the shades and numbers match up as follow; 1 – Weekender, 2 – Riff, 3 – Baja, 4 – Hell Ride, 5 – Wildheart, 6 – Radio, 7 – Guilt trip and 8 –  Big Sky.

Transition Shades.jpg

To being my look I went in with a light brown transition shade that was almost the same colour as my skin, by doing this I defined the shape of the look I was going to create as well as putting down a soft base for the bolder colours to blend into. As this look was going to be dark I also went in with a second transition shade to create a deeper crease and outer corner for the darker shades to sit on later.

Adding Colour.jpg

I created this picture in landscape instead of portrait but hopefully you can still see in enough detail what I have done. When applying shade 3 I actually kept my eye slightly open which made it so much easier to place colour exactly where I wanted it. This was a very pigmented orange so before going in with my next shade I took a clean blending brush and went over the edges so there were no hard lines. With shade 4 I did a similar technique of keeping my eye slightly open, this shade was actually a little disappointing and didn’t give the effect I was going for. Because of this I then went in with shade 5 which is a shimmer but if you have a similar matte shade I would recommend using that instead as putting shimmers this high into your crease isn’t recommended…

Shimmer Shades.jpg

Putting on the shimmer shades can actually make the eye look worse before it gets better – the picture on the left is a great example of this! Shade 6 was very very pigmented and I was so impressed when applying it to my lid using my finger. However because it was so pigmented it didn’t blend into the surrounding colours seamlessly and there was a considerable amount of fallout. To help the shade blend more easily into the purple/orange next to it I took a little bit of shade 7 on a small detail brush and placed into around the outside of the blue. In this step I also took a brighter blue shimmer shade as I wanted the eye lid to really pop with colour and shade 6 just hadn’t done this on its own.

Waterline shades.jpg

At this point you can really see the eye look coming together and I was pretty proud of what I had created. To finish the look I wanted to take some of the colour under my eye to stop the top from looking heavy and unbalanced. with shade 4 on a small flat brush I put colour all along the bottom of my eye lid keeping it quite close to my waterline. Next I went back in with shade 6 which I had used on my lid and placed it just under the middle of my eye so that the bottom lash line mirrored the spotlight effect that took place on the lid.

Tagged 2Tagged 3Tagged 1

Overall I think this was such a fun look to experiment with and it really pushed my confident with the shade range. I do quite like how this turned out and think it would look so good as a clubbing look particularly if it was paired with an equally bold, dark lippie.

I hope you guys are enjoying the weekly palette reviews and tutorials! If you are getting a little bored if then please let me know – this is just the type of content I’ve been loving creating lately so figured it was best to do what I was enjoying. What palette/shades would you like a tutorial a tutorial with? Let me know below!


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