Using Products Worth £160 On A 10 Year Old || Doing My Little Brothers Makeup

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I don’t know if I’ve ever actually talked about my brothers here on my blog but I actually have two. Whilst visiting them last week my youngest brother, who is currently 10, watched me do my makeup and from there it turned into me putting my full glam look onto him. The products I used were far from “kids makeup” with brands like Benefit, Bobbi Brown and Urban Decay being used the price tag of this look actually works out to be over £160! Enough of the intro let me show you the makeup look I created on my brother and discuss the products used.


Is he not the most adorable model you’ve ever seen?!

Products Used:

  • Brows: Bobbi Brown Gel Liner £19.50 AMAZON or Bobbi Brown
  • Eye shadow: Urban Decay Born To Run (REVIEW HERE) £39.50 AMAZON or UD
  • Mascara: L’Oreal Miss Baby Roll (REVIEW HERE) £7.99 Superdrug or AMAZON (£5)
  • Blush: Benefit Rockateur £25.50 Benefit or Amazon
  • Contour: Sephora Contouring palette (Available on Amazon) £23 AMAZON
  • Highlight: Wet N Wild Megaglo – Golden Flower Crown £3 AMAZON or Beauty Bay
  • Lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk £24 CT or AMAZON


So yeah… I put a £160 face on my 10 year old brother and he rocked it! He owned it so much he even went for our family meal in Nandos and mini golf game. My favourite part of the look is for sure the eye look and brows. Next time I visit my family I think I’m going to make my little brother give me a makeup over.


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