Life Update || Missed Uploads, Living With Haydn & Starting Uni

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I know I’ve missed a couple of uploads now and honestly, I just don’t have any content ideas. I am LOVING working on my IG (@charliestarblogs) particularly creating makeup looks. For a while I was creating eyeshadow tutorials here on my blog but didn’t get a great response and each one takes me around a 2 hours to create (from look creation, photography, picture editing and writing) so it seems like a lot of work for then only 50/60 people reading my post. That being said I am getting more creative with my eyeshadow looks lately and do want to share that here on my blog too so think I have a new way of doing posts that share my love for makeup with you guys again but also have a tutorial element to them. For now though I wanted to do a little life update because I feel like it’s needed and it has been over 4 months since my last.

Hello I’m Charlotte Parker – I’m reintroducing myself for the purpose of all the new followers who have joined me these last few months, there is a whole 1.2K of you now which is an achievement I’m quite proud of. Since starting my blog back in January 2017 I dreamed of reaching 1000 followers and now I’ve exceeded even my own expectations which really never happens.

Aside from follower growth as a person I’ve grown a lot too. As you might not know my boyfriend (Haydn) and I were a long distance couple when I started writing here but on 6th July 2018 I moved 200 miles away from home to live with him in our very own flat, at age 18 – YUP that’s a pretty big change that some people will never be able to understand; I’m use to the questioning looks I get when I tell people why I’ve moved so far North. Living together has been great, of course there are moments in which we drive each other crazy but I’m putting that down to the fact that we’re young to have this much responsibility and are adapting to life together. Actually, if you do want to follow our journey, and read back through our past, you can follow our couples
IG @LifeAfterDistance.

Moving day

Of course moving 200 miles away from everything I know wasn’t just for Haydn, I’m starting University on the 24th September… Oh my am I nervous! I’m worrying about such irrational things and over thinking myself into a hole. I’m not even worried about my course – I:m studying Media and Marketing in case you were curious. I’m actually nervous about making a new social group. I’ve had the same best friends since I was 13/14 so the thought of interacting with a whole bunch of new people scares me. particularly as unlike most other students I don’t live on campus which probably puts me at a social disadvantage. See, I’m digging that hole again… Aside from that the Uni I’m attending looks amazing, I spent a couple of days there already as part of a Summer Uni program for new students and had a really good time.

I don’t want to bore you with all the details of my pretty mediocre life so best to cut myself off before I let this go to deep. I just want to be mushy for 3 more seconds and say that I am really grateful for the support I’ve had with my blog, especially if you are one of those loyal followers who I regularly see commenting on/interacting with my posts!


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