Morphe 35B Palette || First Impressions, Review & Swatches

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m sorry my posting schedule has been all over the place for the last week! I’m not sure if I can continue to upload twice a week due the fact that I’m not always buying new products to write reviews for/create looks with and I’m starting Uni very soon and am not sure how time consuming that will be… For now thought I do have a post for you, and it’s one I’m so excited to be typing up because I have never owned a palette anywhere near as colourful as the Morphe 35B.

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My palette arrived really promptly which I was impressed with, I ordered this on a Wednesday evening and had received before midday Friday. It was also packaged really securely which I appreciate; does anyone else get anxious that the makeup they’ve ordered will arrive broken? Everyone always talks about how the Morphe packaging feels like cheap, flimsy plastic – which is true for the 350 palette I brought around 3/4 weeks ago – however, this COMPLETELY different. The packaging is a boxier shape made from what feels like a much more solid plastic. On the inside of the lid Morphe’s logo is also printed, which I’m assuming is new as this wasn’t on the other palette I brought. In short the packaging game has seriously been upped and it feels much more luxurious. I’m not talking ABH levels but still noticeably better than drugstore.

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I’ll give you a minute to admire it… Yup you can see a reflection of me taking the picture wearing a hair turban. Aside from that the shades are actually gorgeous, I would have been intimidated by these shades a few weeks ago but since I’ve been more adventurous with my eye looks lately I’m so pleased to be adding this to my collection. In terms of design I love the way it has been laid out from lightest to darkest as well as within colour families – aesthetics are always appreciated by me! When I opened this there was even a plastic sheet with shade names on, something I definitely haven’t had from Morphe before.

If you care for shade names read, if not skip through. Working from the top left corner and working across horizontally the names are as follow;

Row 1: Chalk, Pillow, Heart, Wild Berry, Moss Boss, Ink, Deep Dive
Row 2: Pale, Bubble Gum, Lollipop, Pixie, Apple Cider, Lavender, Sky
Row 3: Fairy, Smoothie, Pom Pom, Fuchsia, Ziggy, Purplish, Azure
Row 4: Lemonade, Brillant, Chicory, Bikini, Earthy, Grape Pop, Denim
Row 5: Sunshine, Watermelon, Puffs, Beets Me, Forest, Frosty, Pebble

In terms of finish to these shadows the majory are mattes, in my eyes there are; 19 Mattes, 9 Shimmers, 7 Satins. Personally I think filling this with mattes with a shimmer or two from each colour family is the best way of fumlating the shades, this way you can create plenty of different looks from a large variety of shade families. Of course one thing this palette will lack are transition shades; Pale and Fairy are the only two nude tones for my skin colour however this won’t be true for everyone. Having said that it is unlikely that this will be the first eye shadow palette you ever buy so you can probably just grab transition shades that suit your skin tone from another palette.

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Swatches!! Clearly I haven’t swatched every shade in the palette because well there are 35 and so many other Bloggers/Youtubers have created full swatch posts. I chose to swatch some of the shades that instantly grabbed me! As you can see even the mattes are really pigmented, of course the shimmers are on another level but for bright mattes these are pretty impressive. Obviously this means nothing as to how they will preform on the eye but so far I’m loving it. The matte shades do feel a little dry but they are all very smooth to touch and clearly pigment is coming off so I’m hoping this doesn’t affect the quality of the shadows on my eye.

Before I brought this I was debating between BH Cosmetics Take Me Back To Brazil palette and this. From first impressions and a quick review I can honestly say I’m not disappointed with this product. If you are having the same struggle just pick one based of what packaging you like, which brand you trust more or what price point you are happier paying. The palettes are so similar that now I own the Morphe 35B it is unlikely that I will ever buy the BH palette and I’m sure it’d be the same vice-versa.

Let me know which shade family you’d be most curious to see a look with in the comments below! Be sure to follow me here and on my social media, links can be found below.


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