Morphe 35B Palette Tutorial || Carnival Colours

Hey Guys,

I hope you are doing well? If you read my life update post you’ll know that I’m wanting to try a slightly less time consuming way of sharing my eyeshadow tutorials with you guys. If you liked the old method more please let me know below and I’ll revert back to it, I’m just trying to be lazy… This look is a recreation of @mariiamuaa look so be sure to check out her IG after. I like to call this a Carnival Colours look, if you’ve ever seen the animation RIO this is what the look reminds me of. Let’s jump into this!

To created this look using the Morphe 35B palette, which if you haven’t got yet you should totally check out my review post! It’s actually the first time I’ve ever used the palette, and any bright shadows for that matter so I hope you like. Feel free to leave me some constructive criticism so I can improve for next time.

Palette Numbered.jpg

As with all my tutorials I’ve decided to number the shades I’ve used in order to make it as simple as possible to follow along. The Morphe 35B palette does actually have shade names but they come on a plastic sheet that not everyone will keep; in case you have kept it though the shade names are as follows… 1 – Sunshine, 2 – Moss Boss, 3 – combination of Ink and Apple Cider, 4 – Sky, 5 – Denim, 6 – Grape Pop, 7 – Beets ME.

If you are looking for a way to create this look with a Drugstore alternative palette I would recommend try to Revolution Pro Regeneration Mischief Mattes, which is just £8 (or £7.20 with Student discount in Superdrug). 

Here’s the look I created:
Tagged 3.jpg
Here’s how to create the look:
Step By Step.jpg
  1. Using the bright matte yellow pack the colour into your inner corner going up to past your crease. Try not to blend the shade out to much as this will make it harder to blend the following shade into it.
  2. With a light shimmer green (or matte) put the shadow onto your lid directly onto of the yellow. This will help to make the lid have a better gradient effect.
  3. For shade three I combined a bright pastel green wither a darker teal shade; using the same fluffy brush as the previous shades I put the shadow next to the yellow/green blending the two together where they met. Be sure to go over your crease and ensure the shade lines up with the yellow so that your edges don’t look jagged. If you do have harsh lines use a clean brush to blend the shadows out.
  4. I started to run out of space on my lid as I actually have quite small eyes but I placed a bright sky blue on to the lid and through my crease in the same way that I had applied the previous shades.
  5. A darker blue shade on my outer corner is a nice way to add gradient and depth to the look. It also allowed me to smoke out the look slightly creating a more dramatic shape. The brush I used for this was still a fluffy blender but more detailed than the previous.
  6. The purple then when on the very outer corner as a way of blending out the dark blue that I’d previously put down. If I had been braver I think I’d have drawn this out more and created more of a dramatic wing shape to my look, but I played it safe…
  7. The final burgendy/pink shade enabled me to blend out the edges of my look so that the fade look softer and didn’t have the harsh lines that were left by the purple.

To finish the look I applied the ‘what goes up must come down’ rule to copy the shades on my lids under my lower lash line. I used is the Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara on my upper and lower lashes. If I were able to apply false lashes I would have done this as I feel a bold colourful look like this would be better balanced out with bold, thick lashes – which I do not have…

Final Look Tagged.jpg

For my first attempt using bold shades like this I’m actually really happy with the out come. The shades could have probably been blended a little better, particularly the darker ones but overall I’m giving myself a pat on the back!

Let me know what you think of the look below!


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