Farah Odish Cosmetics Liquid Lipsticks || Unboxing & First Impressions (PR)

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I am now officially writing this as a Uni student! Pretty cool step in the journey I think… Of course you’re hear to read about the gorgeous Farah Odish’s BRAND NEW liquid lipstick collection. These products were all very kindly sent to me BUT the opinions in this post as always will be my own, in fact it has been my own personal choice to even write a post in first place. Farah Odish Cosmetics is the latest indie brand to pop into the beauty community (it definitely deserves its spot), they’re 100% vegan and cruelty free products that can be shipped worldwide with the main distribution being across Australia. Currently the brand stocks 10 liquid lipsticks, which you’re about to see, which are priced at $18.99. This puts them into the highend price range for sure but of course it’s not quite as high as Huda or Too Faced. Enough intro I think, we should jump into the lippies.

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My camera settings were not working with me today so apologies for that… As I mentioned there are 10 shades to this line as of right now, all of which are gorgeous and very wearable.

Here is what Farah Odish Cosmetics says about their formula:

  • Velvet soft matte finish


  • Delicious, Vanilla scent

  • Smudge-proof, water-proof

  • VEGAN and Cruelty free

I am yet to wear these products for whole day yet so cannot say if they are that long lasting but the bold red Ferrari shade which I wore on a night out lasted really well (even with the drinking), it didn’t smudge definitely had a gorgeous soft matte finish and (most impressive to me) the vanilla scent is amazing!

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Everyone loves nude liquid lipsticks and FO Cosmetics will not disappoint on that front. There shade range will work on a wide variety of skin tones thanks to a range of undertones in the nudes. From left to right the nudes are as follows; Milkshake, Macaroon, Oh Honey, Skinny Latte and Late Night. I love all these shades and can see myself actually using all 5, in particular Skinny Latte and Oh Honey really grab me. Late Night is actually more on the deep purple/berry toned spectrum but I’ve included it in the Nudes because on deeper skin tones I think this would be stunning!

(I’ll include a reel at the end so you can flick through all the shades individually.)

Tagged Colours

These are the brighter, more daring shades in the collection and whilst these aren’t everyday shades (for me) I still think they are quite wearable because of the warm undertones in every shade. From left to right the colours are as follows; Darling, Milano, Valentine, True Love and Ferrari. If you are looking for really bright, unique shades that really make a statement this shade range won’t be for you – YET! But I do think that all the shades are really pretty and from the brighter five, as I mentioned earlier I actually wore Ferrari on a night out and felt like a total boss lady.

I’m so excited to have all 10 shades in my collection and as soon as my lip is healed (I’ve had an awful cold sore this week) then I’ll put them to the test and share my thoughts in an upcoming post! As promised I’ll insert a reel below to show of the shades individually and all the links to Farah Odish Cosmetics will be below too!

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