Let’s Chat || Me, You & The Blog

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? This is actually a bit of a sad post to be sharing – not that sad though don’t be alarmed. I just wanted to have an honest chat about myself, relationship with you guys and of course the blog.

For me, life has gotten busy again which seems like a weird thing to say seeing as I only actually go to uni 3 days a week, but its true. Getting to and from uni on the bus is a little bit of a nightmare and I usually have to arrive around 50 minutes before my class actually starts due to the fact that the two buses I need to get have really crappy timetables. I’m not complaining though I’m loving uni life so far and know that it was 100% the right decision for me. Outside of class time I’ve joined the Cheerleading team which is basically the most fun sport I’ve ever tried, we train twice a week on Monday and Thursday evenings so my days start at about 7/8am and don’t finish until around 9/10pm. It’s long and pretty exhausting. What’s happening right now is I am taking a very long time to get to the point… which is I just don’t have enough time to run this blog as I planned or would like to. Obviously, I still love writing for you and sharing content I just can’t find the time to write 2 posts a week. Not only do I lack, time and enthusiasm, I’m also finding it hard to think of content.

My new plan is to try to post weekly but make sure the content is something I’m really proud of and am excited for you to read. My love for social media lives on and I find myself spending more and more time on my Instagram (something I can do on the bus!) so if you enjoy my blog or just want another cute (if I say so myself) beauty/makeup account to follow then join me @Charliestarblogs – let me know you’ve come from here and I’ll follow back.

In terms of the content I’ll create I want to vary it more. Often I avoid writing something because I lack pictures to go with it and know how boring it is to stare at a blog without pictures… Much like this one…Would you guys mind if sometimes I use stock photos? I’ll leave credit where due.

I hope that makes sense to you! It’s about time I find away to bring my blog back into the routine of life…


5 thoughts on “Let’s Chat || Me, You & The Blog

  1. Leaving your blog aside, it’s pretty wonderful you’re having fun with your life and I’m glad you’re enjoying your uni as well.
    You can always come back to this blog whenever inspiration hits. What’s more important is that you enjoy yourself out in real life. Have a great day โค

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