Haydn & I || Life after closing the distance

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve wanted to write another ‘relationship’ themed post for a while now but got caught up in worrying about what content you would care to read. Clearly I needed not to worry as on a recent IG story question you guys basically just wanted to hear about us and our life together now. I’ll try and answer the different parts of the questions we received although a lot were the same or very similar.

Quick background in case you are new around here (HI!), Haydn is my boyfriend. We were a long distance couple for just over 2 years, on the 6th July this summer we moved into our first apartment together and have been living there for about 3 months now.

Question: How have our lives changed now we live together?

Answer: In many ways we are still just the same as before except now a ‘see you soon’ means about 8 hours rather than 30 days. A major thing is that we plan a lot less, our weekends are more spontaneous as we don’t feel that everyday together should be special. I’ve started University and moved 200 miles from home so for me personally things are quite different. Side story – building up to starting Uni was quite the emotional roller coaster, on the day I officially registered and picked up my student card/freshers band/welcome pack I sat in Haydn’s car feeling so giddy one minute and the next I was literally crying… Moving has been a pretty big change which didn’t quite hit me until then. For Haydn things are pretty different too, he has to be a lot more financially responsible (we both contribute to the house) and has had to learn a lot of life skills that neither of us had before moving.


Question: What is it like being away from your family and how do you cope with it?

Answer: Obviously I miss my family a lot particularly my mum, but I’m keeping myself quite busy which makes it easier. I will ring either my mum, dad or step-mum everyday so I’m very much still in close communication with them all. Honestly though adjusting to being away from them wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. In the first few months I was admittedly quite jealous about all the time Haydn got to spend with his family and still have me in his life whilst I had to make a sacrifice for him but now it’s just the normal. I like to know when I’ll next be visiting home and have my next trip booked for December.


Question: How are you guys getting out?

Answer: I’d say pretty well. I basically had no life skills before moving out but since then we’ve both learnt how to do everything we need. Our relationship is a lot easier to manage now we share an address and I feel like there is a lot less pressure on us both. So yeah, overall pretty well!

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-03 at 3.42.06 PM.jpeg

Thanks for reading our little update! What style of relationship post would you like to read next? Please give me suggestions below.


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