Morphe 35B Palette Tutorial || Barbie Girl Pink

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve had a little break from creating posts; who knew university would actually be hard work? Side note, I’ve used the app Snapseed to create my header and I’m absolutely loving it!

Anyways – I’m back today with a eyeshadow tutorial and I’m super excited to share another Morphe 35B tutorial! Obviously this is an incredibly pink look, but I wanted to do something playful so figured what better inspiration could there be than Barbie. Quick disclaimer, I couldn’t decide if I preferred this look with or without liner so I’ve included pictures of both variants.

Let’s jump into this! As with my previous tutorial I’ve decided to do a ‘paint-by-numbers’ kind of layout which I hope makes this easy to follow.

Barbie Numbered

Here are the steps:

1. I used the white matte shade to create an even base for the rest of my shadows to sit on. I decided to use white rather than a nude because I knew this was going to be a bright look and I wanted to help the shadows ‘pop’.

2. This light matte pink was the first of my transition shades. It’s quite a muted shade but was perfect for defining the crease and creating the overall shape which the rest of the shadow could then sit on.

3. Similarly to the previous step this was another transition shade that I applied directly over the top of the light pink. This helped define the space on the eye that I wanted to work with.

4. Using the first bright matte pink shade was so much fun because I could really see the look coming together. This shade sat a little lower in my crease than the previous transition shades in order to continue a smooth, blended look across the whole eye.

5. It Hot Pink Time! This was soo much fun, the Morphe formula is so pigmented so it was easy to build up a bold, Barbie look. I went in several times with this shade putting it through my crease, in the inner third and outer third. I was careful to leave the middle segment of my eye free to create a spotlight look.

6. At this point the look was a little too flat so I went in with a deeper pink shade in the outer corner and slightly into the crease in order to add some depth to the look.

7. Obviously Barbie is pretty glamourise so this look wouldn’t be complete without a little shimmer. Using a light(ish) pink shimmer I used my finger to pop the shadow into the center of my eye, which I had left free of shadow up until now. This was also the shade I used for the inner corner and brow bone highlight.

8. I wanted the look to have a little extra shimmer and know that the yellow shimmer in this palette is incredible so taped into that a little. I used a tiny detail brush to delicately place the shadow across the top of my spotlight center.

I hope you guys enjoy this playful, pink look! There is a full review of the Morphe 35B palette and another makeup tutorial already posted on my blog. It was so much fun to use Barbie as inspiration for this look. I’m trying to think of ideas for this years Blogmas but am struggling to come up with ideas that I actually truly care about writing… Let me know what type of content you enjoy reading to give me some inspiration.


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