Too Faced Sweet Peach Palette Tutorial || Soft Pink Everyday Look

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m back into the swing of writing eyeshadow tutorials and I realised that my favourite daily palette is hardly ever featured here on my blog… Well today that changes as I’ve used my trusted Too Faced Sweet Peach palette to create this gorgeous (if I say so myself) soft pink everyday look.

Previously I have done a full review on this palette in case you were interested in reading my full thoughts on the product.

Let’s jump into this!

Here are the steps for creating this look:

  1. Firstly, using a fluffy brush I took the matte white shade White Peach across my entire eyelid in order to create an even vase to begin working on. If you want to make the colours more popping you could try using a more opaque white shade underneath.
  2. To start the transition shades I used one of my favourite light pinks Georgia through my crease and on my out V. Use a fluffy brush and use this shade to create the shape you want the rest of your shadows to follow.
  3. Keeping on the theme of transition shades I then took Purรฉe on the same fluffy brush to further define the crease shape I had previously created. Because I wanted to keep this a soft pink look I tried not to pick up to much of this shade on my brush so that the colour is more controlled.
  4. Time to think pink next with a little bit of Just Peachy. I focused this shade high on my crease whilst being sure not to go above the previous transition shades I had used. Be aware that although this shade does appear to have flecks of shimmer in it, when blended into the eye these disappear and leave a matte shade.
  5. Mixing in a bit of Candied Peach on top of Just Peachy enabled me to create the exact pink tone I was looking for. This was also the shade I built up on my outer V to create definition to the look
  6. Of course I had to use some of the gorgeous Bellini in this look as it’s one of my favourite shades in the palette. I used this on the centre and inner third of my eye to create a soft pink shimmer.
  7. To finish the look I used Necter on a small detailing brush to the inner corner of my eye as well as using it to highlight my brow bone.

I really love pink eyes like this for an everyday look an often find myself creating this or similar on a regular basis.


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