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Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Some of you might remember me collaborating with Paperless Post in the past, the opportunity for me to share their brand with you has come around again – but this time it’s Christmas edition!

With the holidays coming up (really really soon!) a lot of you guys will probably be buying Christmas cards to send out to family/friends/colleagues… basically everyone you’ve ever said hello too. The truth is writing cards can be a tedious process especially when you know they’ll only be thrown out in a few weeks time. Plus despite the fact that cards can often be recycled many people won’t bother and some have glitter, poms and extra aspects which frankly aren’t great for the environment. That’s why this year I’m encouraging you guys to give Paperless Post s try.

This allows you to design, personalise, bulk send/individually send and write your Christmas cards over the internet. The best part is that it’s 100% waste free! The way we treat our planet has been bothering me since I was a child and now in my early adult years I’m often looking for ways of making myself more eco-friendly. That’s why I’d love it if this year people tried something new.

Paperless Post - Christmas Cards
Paperless Post has an amazing range of customisable cards!

You don’t have to use Paperless Post for everyone, you could simply use it for just colleagues or friends. I know personally I like writing cards for my parents and Haydn so I’ll keep that tradition, but for friends this is a perfect and something a little unique!

If you decide to send a Paperless Post card to even one person I’d love for you to let me know! Do you think it is important to look for everyday environmentally friendly fixes? Let me know below or get in touch via Instagram or Twitter.


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