The Boyfriend Blanket || Review, First Impressions & Giveaway!

Hey Guys

I hope you’re doing well? If you follow my Instagram your’ll have already had  little sneak peak at this brand new product but I wanted to jump over to my blog and give you my full first impressions and review of the Boyfriend Blanket! Before we start I would like to give a massive thank you to the founder Patrick for sending this product over for me to try, I have had the cosiest day ever and am very much looking forward to my nap after writing this. Anyways, let’s get into this!

P.S. Before just randomly liking this post and assuming you are entered into the giveaway please read about the product to see if it is something you would like to win and be sure to read the entry rules! I really want this product to go to someone who will love it!

What is the Boyfriend Blanket?

The Boyfriend Blanket is essentially a weighted blanket that is designed to help people who suffer from loneliness or anxiety. Here is how the product is described on their kickstarter page:

The Boyfriend Blanket is the blanket to designed to hug you back. Its heaviness nestles against you body, spooning you like a partner or how a parent comforts a child with a gentle compression. Not just for sleep, anti anxiety or loneliness it’s great for any relaxation or achieving a deep meditative state.

If you are in a long distance relationship then this would be a great gift for your partner this Christmas to remind them that even on nights when you are apart you are still thinking of them. Top Tip: this product is (obviously) heavy so if you are buying it for someone else I recommend having it shipped to them rather than trying to travel with it. If you order it from Amazon it comes in a large brown Amazon box and doesn’t have the branding on the outside so you can keep it a secret!

First Impressions

The product arrived in a huge amazon box and I was actually shocked that the delivery man didn’t mind carrying it! I actually struggled to lift this – but that’s how it should be since it should weigh around 10% of your partners body mass. The one I have received is 20 pounds which at first I thought would literally crush me if I laid underneath it, although that’s jumping into the review which you can read a little further down.

Boyfriend Blanket Box.jpg
I really like the typography on the box, I think it looks very professional

The product came in a smaller box with Boyfriend Blanket printed across the top which  looked minimalist and just quality… if that makes sense. I think the company could have easily made this a little cheesy and tacky, however this design is a little classy and very modern so in my opening works perfectly.  This box could then be opened and inside was a a white sack with the same font stitched in red. What I instantly loved about this is that it not only looked nice to open but also is a practical way of storing a blanket seeing as it’s pretty large.

Boyfriend Blanket Sack.jpg
Opening a sack like this will always remind me of Christmas day!


I’ve been cuddled up with this blanket the entire day and have liked it way more than I ever expected too. Initially the weight of it was a little daunting since I’ve never used a weighted blanket before but it was fine. Better than fine, I actually loved the cosy feeling and wow was it toasty. My flat is freezing during the day and I hate using the heating since its so costly, but laying on the sofa watching friends under the Boyfriend Blanket was such a relaxing feeling. Since Haydn and I are no longer in a long distance relationship I don’t get as lonely, if you are in an LDR I think you or your partner would love this!

04 BoyFriend Blanket Weighted Blanket Top View
A weighted blanket for 24/7 cuddles from Boyfriend Blankets

The cheapest can be found on the Kickstarter page for just under £100 so you’ll need too look at this as a mini investment, but if you want to feel cuddled every night even once your partner leaves then I do think this is worth it! I should mention that this isn’t just for long distance couples the company says that it helps Anxiety, Stress, PTSD, Restless Leg Syndrome & Autism.

The material this is made from is another interesting thing to talk about. The top is a soft, demin-sque, kind of like jegging feel fabric whilst the inside is this super soft, fluffy wool. The combination sounds weird but I think it looks pretty cute, the denim side is supposedly a more breathable material to help keep you cooler which, if you’re planning to sleep under this all year round is definitely something that you will need since the wool makes it quite toasty.

01 Order Now If you want to get your hands on this product be quick, they are selling fast!

In conclusion, I have loved using this product and can see myself continuing to use it, particularly over the cold winter months. The material is very comfy and feels of good quality. I think that overall this would make a great Christmas gift particularly for those LDR couples reading. You need to act fast though as this Kickstarter will be ending on the 12th December! The product can be brought directly from the Kickstarter page or through Amazon – it’s even on Prime so you can have it tomorrow!


Probably the most exciting part of this review is that Patrick from Boyfriend Blanket wants to giveaway one of these blankets to you! If you’ve read the review and think this is something you’d love to receive then please follow the rules below to ensure you are entered correctly!


  • Please only enter if you are interested in winning the product! I want this to go to someone who really wants it.
  • The giveaway will be ending SUNDAY 9th DECEMBER 2018 with a winner be chosen and contacted on the Monday.
  • If the winner does not reply within 24hrs I will be selecting another winner
  • Obviously this product will be shippped to you so you must be okay with sharing your address with myself and the company in order to receive your prize!

How To Enter:

  1. Be subscribed to my blog! They’ll be a box either on the side bar (PC users) or in the footer (tablet & mobile users). You don’t have to be a member of WordPress, any email will work just be sure to confirm it from your mail!
  2. Go and follow my couple Instagram account @LifeAfterDistance (the giveaway is also being run on that account so if you fancy a sneaky second entry find the corresponding post and enter!)
  3. You’ll need to share the Kickstarter page so copy the link and either include it in your next blog post (make sure you show me proof) or create a story on Instagram with the name of the champaign just tag me @lifeafterdistance!
  4. Leave me a comment below to let me know you’ve entered.

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and if you do pick up one of these blankets send me your pics on Instagram so I can share them! What do you think of sleeping with a weighted blanket?


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