Barcelona 2018 || Trip Breakdown

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s taken me ages to get this post written – after Haydn and I landed I used the photos we’d taken as part of my Image Creation assignment at university and posted plenty over on my Instagram; I suppose I was just bored of talking about the same images. But, better late than never right? So let’s get into this!

I’m trying a slightly different layout this time so that if you’ve come here for information about Barcelona it is clearer to find – I know I’m to thoughtful. I’d also like to apologise for how long this post will be…

The Flights

I’ve talked about travel tips before I’m sure, but I’ll repeat! BE FLEXIBLE. Including, the dates, the airport and the destination if possible. Haydn and I booked Barcelona mostly because it was cheap, we got Β£35 return flights from Stansted airport with Ryanair. We were flexible on the dates too which allowed us to pick out the cheapest flights possible.

I can’t recommend SkyScanner enough for comparing and booking flights. My settings are usually from: UK to: anywhere and cheapest month.

Quick flight review – Ryanair were as expected… Haydn and weren’t sat together outbound but on return by chance the person next to Haydn asked if he’d swap with the guys girlfriend. Haydn didn’t mind doing so and as it happened that guys girlfriend was sat next to me so we ended up sat together on the return leg. I also noticed a lot of turbulence coming in to land in Barcelona but I think this was air off the ocean which is understandable, on the way back it was the same but this was due to bad weather.

Our Hotels

Plural hotels because we did a little side trip during this vacation so we needed a hotel in Barcelona as well as Salou.

In Barcelona we stayed at Hotel Chic & Basic Zoo, I couldn’t recommend this place highly enough! The staff were fantastic and the room was nice, we were even upgraded to a room with a nice little balcony and left a heart of rose petals on the bed! The location was amazing too since it was just over the road from Arc De Triomf and within walking distance to everywhere else, with plenty of transport options nearby too. I definitely felt this place was incredible value for money. If you do ever decide to stay in this hotel be sure to book directly as that entitles you to free bike hire for a day!

Unfortunately, we had a very different experience with our hotel in Salou… Haydn and I went here specifically for the Port Aventura theme park which we’ll talk about later. But as it was so off season for this seaside resort, it felt as though we’d ended up in a ghost town.

There was such a hassle surrounding the apartment we had booked to stay in. We received an email a month or so before our trip which informed us that we’d be staying in a different hotel since Les Dalies Apartmentos, which we had originally booked was closed. Initially I thought this was a scam but we checked into it and all seemed fine. When we arrived in Salou we headed to Hotel Blaumar to check in, the guy on reception had very weird mannerisms in a way that I can’t quite describe… He was just an odd guy. After he checked us in we were then told that our accommodation, now Acacias Apartamentos, was 3 blocks down; we walked over laughing about how bizarre this whole experience had been and I tried to ignore the eeriness of our borderline apocalyptic surroundings. The hotel we were actually put in was nice, spacious and clean – but the building was dead and during our 3 day stay we only saw two other guests. I’m assuming the place is quite different in the summer months although I don’t think Haydn and I will be returning anytime soon, and I definitely wouldn’t recommend any of these hotels to other travelers!


I’m an organisation mad woman, I like at least a lose structure/plan to our trips and this was no exception. As always I created a custom map on MyMaps, this allows you to create pins on everything, I usually pin attractions I’d like to visit, our hotels, the airport and nearest hospital. From this map I can then see which attractions are clumped together and plan a rough day route in order to see everything.

This also makes a great little digital keepsake for after your trip!

Since this post is getting a little long, I think I’ll upload a day by day break down of what we got up to as I’m cautious of boring you all. If you’re interested in reading about what we got up to on our trip make sure you subscribe to my blog (the button is either on the side bar or in the footer), if you use your email you’ll even get a notification of when I upload in your inbox – handy right?

I hope you enjoyed this post! Comment below where and when your next adventure is taking place. Are you going long haul or somewhere nearby? Let me know!

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