Recreating CHRISTMAS Instagram Makeup || Santa Claus Makeup Tutorial

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’m so happy to be back in the blogging mood especially now that I’m feeling festive! I spent the whole of yesterday watching Netflix Christmas movies and binge eating – the BEST. This post is a super exciting one, its come from a trend on YouTube where non makeup artists try to recreate ‘Insta-Glam’ looks! I was inspired after watching Soph’s video (yup I’m still a big fan) and decided to give it a go myself. To make it festive I decided to scroll through the hashtag ‘ChristmasMakeup‘ and found my inspiration from @anban20 who create a gorgeous Santa Claus hat. Seeing as I had all the right colours in my Morphe35B palette I figured I’d give this a try?

Here is a list of the products I used in order to create this look:

  1. Brows – Soph X Makeup Revolution original eyeshadow palette
  2. Foundation – Wet ‘n’ Wild Photo Focus
  3. Setting Powder – Rimmel Match Perfection
  4. Eyeshadow – Morphe 35B palette
  5. Cut Crease – PS My Perfect Colour
  6. Liner – Revolution pro supreme dip liner
  7. Mascara – Too Faced Better Than Sex

Like with a classic Charliestar tutorial I’ve numbered the palette I used below… Just incase you want to recreate this look too!

Okay lets get into the step-by-step guide for creating this look!

  1. Start with your brows, I took the shade Rosewood from the Soph X Makeup Revolution. I always do my brows the same – basically draw the bottom line first, then the point from the top down, finally draw a straight line across the top and fill in.
  2. Using my Wet N Wild foundation, I blended product over the areas I was going to be working on (my eye lids) so that I didn’t need to but down a base for my shadows.
  3. Next, I powdered with the Rimmel Match Perfection loose powder.
  4. To start the eye looks I took the light matte green (shade 1) from the Morphe 35B palette and placed it on the inner corner and outer corner of my eye before blending it through my crease. To force more pigment I like to stamp the product on and blend minimally – this technique also helped me to create the overall shape of my eye look.
  5. Since @Anban20 had a darker outline around her hat I decided to take slightly darker matte shadows from the palette (shades 2 & 3) and place them lower in my crease. I focused these shades on my outer and inner corner – this made a halo kind of effect on my eye lid.
  6. Cutting the crease was the scariest part! I took a small flat brush and my Primark foundation (I don’t have a light coloured concealer so a light foundation did the trick) and began by create a thick eyeliner style shape above my lash line – this would be the white fluff for the hat. The slowly I began growing my cut crease upwards on the left (inner) side and then curved it round into a thin straight line for the tip. It was then quite easy to attach the tip back to the base on the right side, this time with a more dramatic curve.
  7. Taking the matte white (shade 4) from the palette I sort of set the foundation in place – using a white rather than translucent powder will help the bolder red stand out more!
  8. With another flat brush I took the matte red (shade 5) and packed it on top of my cut crease. Towards the bottom I tried to create a curved line so that the hats fluff is a little more… fluffy?
  9. Then using the white eyeliner I drew on the fluff and create a ball at the end of the hat. I would recommend using a decent liner for this – mine was patchy and as it dried began to crack which was a little annoying to work with!
  10. Finally, I decided to use some shimmer (shade 6 & 7) above the hate and in my inner. Shimmer makes everything more festive and for this look, I think it made it look that little more complete. I then just needed to add some mascara and the look was finished!

Obviously my look didn’t quite turn out as glam as @anban20‘s but I still think this is a pretty good attempt… I’ve got to be honest – I’m pretty proud of what I’ve created!

What do you think guys? Tell me in the comments below whether I nailed it or failed it!

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