Too Faced Gingerbread Spice Palette || First Impressions, Review & Swatches

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I’ve actually had the Too Faced Gingerbread Spice palette about a month now but for some reason forgot to post my thoughts – seeing as it’s now just a few days until Christmas I figured it was still the right time. Let’s get into this.

First Impressions

I knew this was going to be making my collection the minute I saw it, perhaps it was the shades but let’s be honest, it was the packaging. This has some CUTE packaging; its very sweet and although many have named it ‘childish’ I think it captures festive novelty in a fun lighthearted way.

Obviously I didn’t buy this solely for the packaging, the shades are really wearable but also quite versatile. All the shades are warm toned which I feel like have been in fashion forever – not that I’m complaining, every look I create is warm. The palette has 18 shades, 9 Mattes and 9 Shimmers; I feel like Too Faced have played it save with this palette as the colours are also mostly neutral with a few pops of colour.


The first thing I want to say is that this does not smell like Gingerbread as stated on the Too Faced website. It is scented for sure, and I like it but it’s not Gingerbread.

Its all pretty pigmented and I’m impressed by *nearly* all of the shades. Some notably disappointing shades have been ‘Frostbite Me!’ which is just crumbly, ‘Hot Toddy’ that for me turns out a little sheer and ‘Reindeer Paws’ which I’ve had a hard time blending. Aside from that the quality is a little lower than my other Too Faced palette (Sweet Peach) but still very noticeably highend. Mostly because of the pigmentation and blend-ability (beside from the shades previously mentioned), but also the longevity.

I’ve used the palette a few times and have noticed that the shadows have lasted well before turning into a wet look thanks to my greasy skin type. What’s good to note is that the darker pigmented shades such as ‘Gumdrop’ and ‘Spice Is Nice’ don’t leave any stains when removed.


As always I’ve never been the kind of blogger to nail a swatches post but I’ve given it my best go! I never use any primer for my swatches and they are always done dry. The shades I’ve swatched were all smooth and have of plenty of pigmentation (aside from Frostbite me! On the right end) however, this is not a fair judgment for how they will preform on the eye. I’m most impressed with the shimmer shades which is usually the case when it comes to swatches, although the matte shades can still be incredibly pigmented when it comes to using them on the eyes.

Overall Opinion

So I actually like this palette, the shades are nice, the quality is there and whilst the packaging is a little gimmickey I’m totally here for it. The only thing I will say is that this palette hasn’t become my go to palette, maybe my other ones are just too good to beat – I usually grab for the Too Faced Sweet Peach or Urban Decay Born to Run. Or perhaps this just doesn’t leave a lasting impression, the shades are nice as I’ve said but they’re just not overly unique and the shades that are new to me (I.E. Hot Toddy) are just a little bit disappointing in terms of performance. Sorry to end on a negative but as always I never want to lie to you guys! Let me know below what palettes have become your ‘go to’s’ this year.

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