52 Date Ideas || A Year Of Date Activities

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Since Haydn and I have moved in together it’s become much harder to think of unique and original dates, particularly if we want regularly weekly/monthly dates! So I created a document with 52 date ideas – one for each day of the year – so you are completely covered for romance this 2019.

The dates I’ve written are all things I personally would enjoy doing, with varying budgets and genres I hope you can find some you really love! Feel free to save this post or share it on your social media for future references!

Here are the dates:

  1. Play Pool
  2. Cocktails at a sky bar
  3. Dinner somewhere new
  4. Visit the zoo
  5. Go to trampoline park
  6. Make home made pizzas with the perfect Spotify playlist
  7. Take a trip to an old school seaside arcade
  8. Play board games
  9. Try couples yoga
  10. Play video games or apps in real time together
  11. Go to the cinema and eat too many snacks
  12. Play mini golf
  13. Have a couples massage at home or a spa
  14. Have a duvet day with a movie marathon
  15. Take a weekend trip or night away somewhere
  16. Plane spot
  17. Get drive through food, park up somewhere with a view and talk
  18. Explore nature I.E. go for a walk
  19. Learn something new together (skiing, surfing, etc)
  20. Go to a theme park
  21. Go to a coffee shop for lunch
  22. Try stargazing
  23. Go roller/ice skating
  24. Have an ice cream (or desert) date
  25. Listen to live music
  26. Have a unique sleepover (stay in an eco pod or on a boat)
  27. Try out water sports – paddle boating counts
  28. Pick fresh fruit or vegetables
  29. Go to the theatre
  30. Visit an aquarium
  31. Go to a pottery painting place
  32. Take part in a local pub quiz
  33. Try brunch
  34. See an open air movie
  35. Visit a chocolate factory
  36. Take a dance class together
  37. Visit each other’s home town and see where they grew up
  38. Go to a fireworks display
  39. Have a sunset picnic
  40. Make up your own triathlon of events and compete (e.g. play pool, go for dinner and pick the ultimate song)
  41. Go to a funfair
  42. Take a bike ride
  43. Make a day trip to a nearby city and explore
  44. Take advantage of free local museums
  45. Have a gambling night at home or the casino
  46. Test out your cooking skills and make a three course dinner
  47. Play bingo
  48. Go camping
  49. Take a boat trip to a nearby island
  50. Go bowling
  51. Create a couples bucket list
  52. Make milkshakes or go to a shake bar

I hope you like the dates I’ve come up with – of course they’re in a random order and you’ll probably hate some, but overall I hope you can find a few you like.

Please like/share if you’ve enjoyed this upload and comment below, what is your favourite date activity?

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