Pixi Skintreats Collection || One-Brand Haul

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I feel as though I never have time to write anymore – who would have thought being a responsible adult, studying, working and joining a sports team would consume my entire life… Anyways, I have actually found time to sit down for once and get some content up (obviously); I wanted to dedicate this post to the brand Pixi by Petra which has very quickly stolen a place in my heart for skincare goodies. I don’t want to give a full review of every product in this post since that would become very wordy but I will give a little line about the product just for reference. If there is anything specific you’d like more detail on then leave me a comment at the end!

The product that kick this all of was the classic Glow Tonic, which I picked up at a beauty event in Leeds.You can order this online from the Pixi website but I went in store to Marks and Spencer’s where they stock the range. I went for the medium sized 100ml bottle which cost me £10. You can also get a miniature 15ml for £5 (perfect to give it a try) or a large 250ml for £15.

Glow Tonic

I have been using this product since I purchased it on a weekly basis and I’ll be honest with you – since its a little bit pricey I don’t use it daily so haven’t seen anything ground breaking. BUT – every time I use it my skin is left feeling so cleansed, super fresh and it the formula smells so great. Since picking up this product I actually requested another bottle for Christmas which my Mum kindly picked up for me.

I picked up this next product aswell since Pixi were doing a deal at the time that meant if I spent X amount I’d get a free product. The Vitamin Wakeup Mist wasn’t something I had initially wanted but after reading about it instore – and having a quick read of the reviews online – I decided I would give this a try to. The spray bottle contains 80ml and is sold for £16.

Vitamin Wakeup Mist

One of the key selling points for me is that it can be applied under or over makeup with different benefits for each use. Since I have oily skin I tend to avoid primers that ‘hydrate’ since this usually makes my skin feel greasy after just a few hours but as this is a ‘mist’ spray I thought it might be a better way of adding moisture to my skin. I actually really love the way this feels when I spray it on my bare face. Although, I haven’t ended up using this much on top of makeup since I still fear it’ll make my skin overly oily.

After purchasing these two products I received the Beauty Sleep Cream for free which I was pretty impressed with as this is usually sold for £24! Since skincare has been on every beauty gurus raider recently I was actually quite excited to now own this little trio.

Beauty Sleep Cream

So the Beauty Sleep Cream is potentially one of my favourite skincare products – particularly as it smells AMAZING! It contains lavender, lemon & bergamot oils and the use of lavender makes this perfect for bedtime. Whether it actually helps me sleep or not is an unknown but it feels great on the skin; moisturising but not greasy and a little goes a long way so the product lasts quite a while. Fun Fact: I actually dropped this in my toilet (which was just clean water!!) a month or so ago but still continue to use it as the formula hasn’t been impacted and I love the product so much.

Now the collection hasn’t stopped there… It’s recently been my birthday and my Mum has very kindly treated me to four more products! FOUR – she is the cutest. I am yet to use these ones as they are entirely new to my collection but still thought I would briefly mention them as part of this post. If any become new skincare favs I’ll be sure to mention them in another post.

So I got three of the mists which all sound absolutely amazing.

I received the Glow Mist which is sold for £16.

Glow Mist

Something that sounds really cool about this particular spray is that it can actually be used on your hair to add a healthy shine – that’ll be my next trick for looking like I’ve made an effort for Uni when in reality I haven’t showered for two days and rolled out of bed 30 minutes before class…

I then opened up the Rose Glow Mist also sold for £16.

Rose Glow Mist

Although this is fairly similar to the Glow Mist, the Rose edition has a formula designed for skin protection. Since I now live in a city where pollution levels are naturally a lot higher I know that it is more important that ever to protect my skin and if this pretty product will help with that then I am all for it.

The final mist I received is the Makeup Fixing Mist – you guessed it, sold for £16.

Makeup Fixing Mist

Potentially one of my favourites as this promises to keep makeup in place for longer and add a soft-focus finish which will help my makeup look flawless. Definitely something I am excited to try out.

The final product I have in my collection is the Glow Mud Cleanser which is sold for £18.

Glow Mud Cleanser

Since I want to improve my skincare routine a lot over the next few months I was super excited to have this product added to my collection especially since it sounds super easy (and quick… I’m lazy) to apply and use.

I hope you guys enjoyed reading through this little one brand haul. I’d love to hear in the comments your thoughts on any of these (or other) Pixi products.

As with all my posts I am in no way bragging about what products I have!

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