We Got A Hamster || Pet Supply Haul

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? This is such an exciting post because Haydn and I have recently add a furry friend to our little family. Technically it’ll be just my hamster but since we live together I suppose we’ll be sharing. We picked up our little Syrian hamster Peaches on valentines day and decided to go for a female since they are generally more adventurous which I think could be fun. I wanted to do a little pet supple haul to show you the things I’ve been picking up for the little fur-baby. Let’s get into it!

Basic Set Up:

I’ve done so much research over the past week to figure out exactly what hamsters need to feel most comfortable and have learnt that most cages from pet stores are WAY to small. Hamsters need around 450² inches of unbroken floor space so I went for the Zoo Zone 2 hamster cage which offers around 775² inches, so it’ll have plenty of space to explore. I purchased this off Amazon for around £50 although the price does seem to fluctuate so be sure to shop around to make sure you have the best deal. (The setup down below is not my own – I have borrowed this picture, credited given in the picture caption.)

For bedding I plan to use a combination of products but for now I have picked up Aspen Bedding (which is usually listed for reptiles – do your research it’s one of the best options for small animals) as well as some paper bedding from Pets at Home’s own brand. In the future I’d like to switch this for Carefresh or Kaytee but there wasn’t any in store and I didn’t want to order online in case it took ages to arrive. The Aspen bedding was a little pricey as it cost me £6 for 10L, but after reading the problems with sawdust I wasn’t too bothered, in the future I plan to swap this with the Kaytee bedding. The paper bedding was actually quite good value for just £1.50 but in the future this too will be swapped for Carefresh since it’s softer and reported to be more absorbent.

Aspen bedding & small paper flakes from Pets At Home

Disinfectant spray:

I know it’s not particularly exciting but cleaning spray is really important so of course I picked some of that up. I know a lot of people with small animals chose to make their own sprays but I just went for the Clean N Safe spray by Johnson’s – it was only £3.50 and since it’s a big bottle I’m expecting this to last quite some time.

Johnson’s Clean ‘n’ Safe pet disinfectant from Pets At Home

Feeding Supplies:

The dry food mix I’ve selected will of course be supplemented with fruit, veg, seeds, nuts, etc. The mix I’ve gone for as a base though is from the Tiny Friends Farms range called Harry Hamster complete muesli, the bag was just £1.50 for 700g so that’s pretty good value since it’ll will last a while. I decided to pick up a little container with a chalk board label on the front which I plan to put the food in and write the hamsters name on the front in chalk. From the same range I also picked out some treats called ‘Yippees’ which have mini apple and sweetcorn flavored sticks.

Tiny Friends Farm dry food mix and treats from Pets At Home

To go with the feeding theme I brought the cutest little blue polka dot bowl and mini water bottle. I went for a ceramic food dish as in the past my animals have chewed through plastic ones and flipped them over making it difficult to see what food has been taken.

Mini water bottle and ceramic food dish from Pets At Home

Cage Accessories:

Right now we’ve covered the basics it’s onto my favourite part (and the cutest) – cage accessories! This covers toys, chews and apparatus for our new hamster.

All hamsters need a wheel and as I’ve learnt from my research Syrians actually much bigger wheels than is normally provided! At a minimum Syrians should be on an 8.5inch wheel so I’ve decided to get an 11inch wheel to cover me if we end up with a really big hamster. I went for a wheel buy Trixie as they seemed to have good reviews and were most reasonably priced. The colour choices from Amazon were actually pretty annoying since it was just a random colour – luckily I got the pink one which I actually wanted!

28cm Trixie wheel – Photo credit from Zooplus

I picked out this little log cabin hide house for the hamster to nest in. This was a little expensive at £12 considering it will probably get destroyed within a few months, but it’s a nice piece and hopefully the hamster will love it!

Wooden hide from Pets at Home

To finish of the cage I also picked up a few chews and toys. I’ll just list these and give a brief description with a link in case you are interested in anything. I purchased; three loofah chews for £2, a set of five fruit wooden chews for £4, an adorable wooden doughnut for £1.25 (BARGIN), a pack of three carrots for £3 and finally, a small cardboard tube for £1.50

A selection of toys from Pets At Home

That is everything I have so far for our new furry friend. There are a few more things I want to pick up like a sand bath, a free roaming ball, bendable/extendable tunnel and a couple more chew toy options.

I hope you guys enjoy the new pet posts – I’m hoping to do more of these in the future! If you want follow Peaches and keep up to date with her antics (my blogging schedule is pretty random so Instagram really is the best way) then check out @PeachesOnTheGram. Let me know if there are any pet posts in particular that you would like to see!

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