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Travel Bucket List|| Destinations To Visit

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Travel has very quickly become a big part of my life. Haydn and I have been together just over 3 years and have been lucky enough to visit 5 different countries – with one still on our countdown for this summer! I love exploring new places, appreciating different cultures and just being in new places. Typically I don’t like to write posts if I don’t have my own images for them – but since this is a bucket list, it seems appropriate to gather images from secondary sources. Okay, intro seems long enough; let’s get into it.

Paris (with Disneyland)

The Eiffel Tower, Paris

Basic of course but this city of love is definitely going to be on my visit list within the next year or so. I love the different architecture, fashion trends and culture. I can’t say the traditional food is a pull – I’m not much into frogs legs or snails. But there is definitely something about this country that has captured my attention.

Disneyland, Paris

I’ve of course added Disneyland into this one because you know how much I love Disney and theme parks in general so this is a MUST! This is a great way to enjoy Disney since it’s actually pretty close to the UK in terms of travel time. Unfortunately, Paris and Disney are both pretty expensive for European destinations.



Another very popular destination – particularly with the pop culture that’s thriving in that state. What draws me here is, surprisingly, not Disney but the sunny weather and trendy culture. Admit it, the way of life just seems so cool! Plus there are plenty of Cheesecake Factory’s which is a massive pull for basically anywhere in America. Plus I have never been to West America so this would be a completely new side of the USA.


Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

This honestly looks like such a gorgeous country, there are so many beautiful sightseeing opportunities as well as being in a new section of the world. It’s so exciting to visit new places especially when you can also enjoy a tropical climate. Since this is much further a field and more unique than some of the other places this will probably have to wait a while as it’ll definitely be an expensive trip all round.



I love visiting European countries as they are all so unique and super enjoyable. Iceland is on my list because WOW – the natural environment is stunning. Haydn and I have discussed doing a hiking trail to not only see the most remote sites but also enjoy things like hot springs and wildlife. I’d of course hope to also see the northern lights because this is definitely on my bucket list for things to see.



What is it about Scandinavian countries that is just so appealing? I love the traditional, quaint architectural style – a lot of the buildings also incorporate fun colours that just seem to brighten up the streets. Although it’d be cold I think experiencing this beautiful city over winter would be amazing. There is a chance of seeing the Northern Lights here to, but since it’s a little further south than the optimal location it’s less likely. Flights here can be relatively cheap but it’s the accommodation and food that would make this trip more expensive – still reasonable but not as cheap as some of our previous trips.


Sydney harbour

Final one for this list although I could keep going for a while! I thought we’d end on another far a field destination – Australia! I think this is on everyone’s list, and as long as you can hack the LONG flight this seems like it’d be a super enjoyable spot to enjoy some sun, sand and classic land marks. Plus if there is any place I want to enjoy a BBQ this is for sure the spot.

I hope you enjoyed this bucket list style post. I might do more in future for different categories such as things to see, do and experience. But for now We’ll leave it here!

4 thoughts on “Travel Bucket List|| Destinations To Visit

  1. Iceland is stunning. We visited it last February and I can assure you that in winter it is a memorable experience. Frozen waterfalls, snowy peaks and the pleasure of bathing in a geothermal lake while outside is snowing!!!

    Better going after January though, otherwise you won’t get much daylight.

    During summer we were told it is a completely different scenario, again an unique experience. Either way, it is highly recommended.

    Australia is in our bucket list too. But we are thinking to do an Australia & New Zealand combo to make the long haul meaningful.

    If you want to have an idea of Iceland in winter, visit our blog. We would love to be helpful and have your comments on it.


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