Makeup I Don’t Use ||Product Regrets

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I haven’t don’t a beauty post in so long but that’s about to change as I talk about some of the most expensive products I’ve purchased but don’t use… Some I straight up regret and others I’m still holding out hope that I’ll eventually love. Let’s get into the products!

Too Faced – Gingerbread Spice Palette

I first have to be positive and say that I do actually like the shades of the palette and the packaging is super cute. Although it’s ended up in this list because in the last 6/7 months of me owning this I’ve used it approximately 3 times which just isn’t work the ยฃ40+ I spent on it! Part of me things this just isn’t the best combination of colours as I feel it lacks something but I can’t put my finger on what.

The pigmentation of the colours individually is nice and stands up to the classic Too Faced quality which I love in other palettes like Sweet Peach – my go to!

LORAC – Unzipped Mountain Sunset palette

This was a TJMaxx buy whilst staying in Fort Lauderdale last summer. I loved that these colours were different to what I already had in my collection. More cool toned and earthy shades. However I should have stuck with the warm tone peachy/nudes because I never reach for this palette. I’m pretty sure there are colours in here I’m yet to even try.

The shades swatch a little pale but still fairly good quality. Since I’ve not used this on my eyes I can’t comment as to whether they work well or not. I really want to like this palette hence it’s remained in my collection but I just don’t use it.

Colourpop – Liquid Lipsticks

It makes me so sad to include these because I love the packaging and shades of both the ones I picked out but I have to be honest with myself. These don’t and won’t get used – the formula is so dry! I got the shades Bumble and Sunday.

At the same time I brought these I also picked up my first Huda Beauty liquid lipstick which is where my crave for high-end lip products started. There aren’t any drugstore lipsticks that I wear anymore as I just prefer the quality and formula of my more expensive products.

Kat Von D – Lock It Tattoo Foundation

I know people love this but I’m sorry I just don’t… I brought this off a friend who’d picked up the wrong shade and even though the formula is a too light for me aswell I can get away with it in the winter. However the reason I don’t use this product isn’t because of the shade. Its actual down to how it feels on my face. This is THICK.

The coverage is full as hell and it lasts well so this should be a winner but it feels cakey on my skin. Whenever I have worn this I’ve been so conscious of it rubbing of on anything I touch and the fact that my skin doesn’t feel good in it… I’ve definitely got better options in my collection.

Wet N Wild – Megaglo highlight

In defense of this product I stopped wearing highlighter regularly a few months ago now but even before then this wasn’t one I’d reach for. I own the shade Golden Flower Crown which looks stunning and is genuinely a shade I adore. I just can’t get it to show up? Its super subtle and this isn’t a look I want to go for.

I know some people say you have to get down to below the top layer but trust me I got right in there and still got nothing. Plus for that amount of effort I think I’ll just stick the the Soph X Revolution highlight palette.

So there you have 5 products I regret purchasing. Its not a personal slam about the brand’s, I still love other products from them it’s just that these ones in particular don’t cut it for me.

Let me know in the comments below if there are any products you regret purchasing!

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