Toy Story 4 ||Film Review *contains spoilers*

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? On Wednesday 26th June 2019 a little piece of my childhood was officially over. Of course I’m talking about the end of the Toy Story saga. With the first movie released back in 1996 Disney and Pixar have definitely taken their time to deliver the most satisfying cartoon ending ever. Having said that I don’t feel that the franchise has been dragged out but instead fed to us in fulfilling doses over the years before finally filling our hearts with warmth for one last time.

I’ve never done a movie review before so maybe there is a formula I should follow but I’m gonna do this my way and talk through the beginning, middle and end before summing up my overall thoughts and opinions.

Beginning – SPOILERS

No Toy Story movie would be complete without a beloved scene with Andy and the gang. That’s why my heart was filled with happiness when we got a throwback scene to Andy playing with his toys and once again saw that tearful moment of him passing them on to Bonnie. Sadly this is the only part of the film in which we see Andy, I was hoping we might see him later in life as an adult perhaps with his own kids who play with the toys but alas I’ll settle for Bonnie. This same flashback also breaks our hearts as we are reminded of Woody’s love for Bopeep, a toy lost over the years, mentioned but never a strand explored in previous films. This is a great foreshadow of the direction this emotional rollercoaster is about to take.

The new character ‘Forky’ is introduced very early on, this adds some light hearted comedy to the film as Woody tries to keep him from going back to his happy place – the trash can, or rubbish bin for us British Disney lovers. Forky becomes Bonnie’s new favourite whilst Woody has been forgotten about for numerous play times. The rest of the gang try to comfort him, but classic Woody is all about being there for his kid and so makes it his job to look after Forky and keep him close to Bonnie.


After the emotional flashback and introduction of Forky the gang set of for their next adventure – a road trip with kid Bonnie. The use of music to show time passing cleverly guides us trough and continues to show Woody’s struggle as he tries to keep Forky close to Bonnie. However, Forky jumps of the back of the RV and makes a break for it – Woody explains to the gang he’ll meet them at the next camper park and bravely follows out the window in a classic race to get Forky back. The two then form a nice bond as they make their way back to the RV park where they intend to re-join Bonnie and the other toys. Although of course things aren’t quite that simple!

Without spoiling everything entirely get ready for Bunny and Ducky, Gabby Gabby and the return of Woody’s love – Bopeep as well as plenty of new friends, funny moments and even some jump scares (all age appropriate of course!).


If you want a satisfying ending that will not only make you laugh, fill your heart with warmth and choke you with tears all in one go then this is the film for you! No amazing Disney movie would be complete without a happily ever after. I for one am pleased with the ending, it ties of the saga nicely but sadly doesn’t leave room for another movie – I am pretty confident when I say that this is truly the end of an era for Disney kids everywhere.


It would have been really hard for Disney and Pixar to create a movie I didn’t love in all honesty because I’m such a little fan girl. In all serious though this is a really heart-warming addition to the Toy Story franchise which follows a unique storyline to keep it fresh whilst still continuing with many of the characters and motifs that we love. The quality of these graphics is incredible and for that reason alone I’d recommend seeing it in the cinema, the way the characters move, the colours and the scenery is so well done – massive props to the graphics team because WOW. Even though I didn’t see this in an IMAX theatre I was still impressed by the look and sound of this film.
I’ll definitely be having a Toy Story marathon when this has been released from the cinema.


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