The Lion King 2019 || Film Review

Hey Guys, 

I hope you’re doing well? Disney’s Lion King is a childhood classic in my eyes, I’d watch the movie countless times to the point where I knew Pumba and Timon’s rap to bait the hyena’s into chasing them across the Pride Lands. Maybe this deep-rooted love for Simba makes me a little bias but I still wanted to share my honest thoughts with you. Obviously, most people have seen Lion King so technically this won’t contain spoilers – unless you have never seen Lion King in which case you should rethink the world as you know it.  I’ll stick to the same layout I used when writing my Toy Story 4 review since that was well organised and made chronological sense.


The movie of course starts with the incredible oping number ‘The Circle of Life’ – during this I had chills! The vocals, graphics, sound effects and overall feel was perfect. I honestly had tears in my eyes it was that good. When you get your first look at Simba you can’t help but give a round of applause to the graphic design team, I mean seriously – he looks so real!

During the first few scenes of the movie I concentrated a lot on the way characters mouths moved as they spoke, I’m not sure if it was just me but it was a little distracting. Maybe the sound was a little out of sync or the mouths just didn’t move right in general but something was definitely a little off. Although I got use to it and it didn’t bother me after a while.


Breezing over the very emotional scene that is of course Mufasa death – during which I of course cried – we get to meet my favourite Disney duo of all time Pumbaa and Timon. These two look and sound incredible and I think Seth Rogen voicing Pumbaa was an excellent casting choice.

The duo do an A Capella version of The Lion Sleeps Tonight whilst over animals from the jungle join in with their own section of the vocals or instrumental noises. Nala then jumps in scaring them all and the chase scene between here and Pumbaa before Simba jumps in to save the day reuniting him with Nala. The little romantic connection between Nala and Simba is super sweet and the new version of Can You Feel The Love Tonight with Beyoncé is played.


As the new gang head back to save the Pride Lands and enable Simba to take his place as King I was excited to see some of my favourite final scenes; including the battle between Scar and Simba.

However, one thing that was disappointing is that Timon and Pumbaa’s distraction rap from the original film has been REPLACED! I was gutted since as a child I new this rap and could sing along with them. The producers have changed this section to use the song Be Our Guest from Beauty and The Beast. Okay, it was a nice Easter Egg but I much preferred the original rap.


Despite the few little tweaks that make this different from the original this is an incredible movie that brings The Lion King into the 21st century meaning the younger generation and myself can continue to enjoy this incredible musical. The graphics are incredible and there are so many moments that I would love screenshot and make my desktop background because they are just gorgeous! In moments you cannot believe that the animals are CGI.

I definitely recommend everyone pays the cinema prices to see this as it is definitely worth the price. I think people will love this movie not only for the fact that the music is incredible but also just the heart warming vibes it creates.

Hakuna Matata 🦁

Images used are not my own, I do not own the copyright

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