Sunflower Field Photoshoot ||Sopley Picks Your Own

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? This post is nearly a month over due but I thought it was better late than never right… Whilst visiting my family down south I knew one thing I really wanted to do was visit a Sunflower Field! Mostly because they’re just stunning and partially because posing for a photo just makes for the perfect picture.

Dan Tanner’s Farm & Pick Your Own

My friend (Arun) and I came across the sunflower field on our drive back from an afternoon out. I think the farm also goes by Sopley Pick Your Own but I could be wrong about that… Basically it’s along Lyndhurst Road heading away from the Toby Carvery. Arun literally had to turn the car around we were so excited to make a stop at the adorable little farm.

Enjoy this gallery of me posing within the Sunflowers!

As well as an amazing Sunflower Field the farm also had a corn, strawberries and Pumpkins! The pumpkins were great to help get those autumnal vibes flowing. Whilst I can never pick a favourite season I definitely look forward to Autumn the most, burgundy, cosy blankets and pumpkin spice scents are just dreamy.

I know this was a very photo heavy post with very little point but I really want to share this adorable day out and fun photoshoot with you all. As we get closer to Halloween I’m going to try make a trip to another to somewhere more local to me so I can take some more lovely pictures. Plus pumpkin picking and carving would be a great date day for Haydn and I!

4 thoughts on “Sunflower Field Photoshoot ||Sopley Picks Your Own

  1. What a sweet and lovely date! I love how vibrant everything is, the pictures, the sun, the pumpkins, even the way the post is written is just radiating with sunshine!

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