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Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Skincare routines have seemingly been the ‘in’ thing over the past few years within the beauty community and as a result I now thing we’re in this ‘Skincare Era’ with people (and brands) trying to utilise great products to better their skin. When I first started wearing makeup a wet wipe was a perfectly acceptable method for removing makeup; but now many people are more interested in protecting their skin and as a result brands more heavily push a variety of products aimed at this new era of skincare. Whilst I’m definitely NOT a skincare expert I do care about looking after my skin, so have tailored a low maintenance skincare routine that uses affordable products and keeps my skin feeling clean and healthy. If you’re trying to create yourself a new, easy skincare routine or just curious about the products I use then please keep reading.

Affordable Skincare Products

There are three/four basic steps for skincare; makeup removal, cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize. Some people will remove their makeup using a cleanser hence making it a three steps, and there are also additional steps you can take such as toning.

Step 1 – Makeup Removal

Whilst 13 year old me was scrubbing off my orange foundation and MUA mascara with a wet wipe, 19 year old me has a much better understanding of why a wet wipe just doesn’t cut it. Granted, makeup wipes are a good quick option but they aren’t an alternative to cleansing your skin, they don’t remove makeup and are really bad for the environment. You can read more about why makeup wipes are bad on Glossier Musings blog.

Micellar water and Rockaroo reusable makeup remover pads

Personally I like to use a micellar water on my favourite Rockaroo Reusable Makeup Remover Pads. The Rockaroo pads are an eco-friendly alternative to cotton pads or other one use remover products. You get 16 pads in a pack (12 smooth pads and 4 scrub pads for exfoliating) for less than £11 from Amazon. Plus they’re on Prime so when you choose to order them (and I really recommend that you do) you’ll be ready to integrate them into your skincare routine the next day! I don’t really have a preference for brand of micellar water, but I do know that I hate the gel formula so I always avoid that. If you have particularly dry skin or want to protect your skin against the winter coldness an oil based formula might be a good option for you.

It usually takes about 2 of the Rockaroo pads to remove a full face of makeup or 1 for light makeup which is what a typically wear everyday.

Step 2 – Cleanser

The Body Shop Aloe Cleanser

After I’ve removed all of my makeup I then like to cleanse my skin to make sure all the makeup has been removed and that my pores aren’t clogged with any left over product. At the moment I’m using The Body Shop Aloe Calming Cream Cleanser which is just so soothing! It is designed for sensitive skin and doesn’t have any fragrance so it’s perfect for all types of skin types. Although it’s not a drugstore product it’s still very affordable at just £8 and The Body Shop often do 3 for 2 discounts or have other coupon codes you can apply – like Student Discount! To apply this I take a small amount on my fingers and gently massage it into my skin, I then use some warm water on a muslin cloth to wipe my face clean once again. This also helps dampen my skin ready for the next step…

Step 3 – Exfoliation

I don’t do this step every day since it’s not recommend for your skin but roughly three times a week I use the Simple Clear Pore Scrub. This can be brought in most supermarkets as well as places like Superdrug and Wilko – it’s super affordable at around £5. This is particularly targeted at acne prone, oily skin which basically describes my skin type perfectly so this product is a great fit for my skincare routine.

Simple Clear Pore Scrub and Rockaroo reusable makeup remover pads

I apply this on one of the Rockaroo scrub pads, which are included with the Makeup Remover Pads, and then gently massage around my face – if there are any areas that I feel have a lot of clogged pores I will use my finger for deeper, more aggressive form of exfoliation. I then use the same mulin cloth as earlier with some more warm water to remove the product before patting my face dry with a towel. If you are planning to do this routine in the mornings I would consider skipping this step as it does leave your skin a little red afterwards.

Step 4 – Moisturiser

To finish of the skincare routine I just apply a little bit of moisturiser to re-hydrate my skin since the exfoliater can be a little drying. I have a couple of different products that I rotate in but most often I chose to use the Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream – not only does this do wonders for the skin but it also smells amazing thanks to its lavender, lemon & bergamot oils. You could use the Glowtion Day Dew moisturiser instead if you were wanting to do this as a morning skincare routine; it’s described as being lightweight, soothing and great for blurring imperfections.

Pixi Beauty Sleep Cream

I can be quite fussy with moisturiser since I don’t like the thick feeling some leave on the skin. This one is great since it is absorbed quickly and doesn’t leave that sticky, thick feeling on the skin.

I hope this helps you get some inspiration for your own skincare and shows you that it can be really easy to take care of your skin. I know when I first started looking for skincare routines it was really hard to keep with the quantity of products and everything seemed so expensive!

5 thoughts on “Simple Skincare Routine || Affordable Products

  1. This is such a great and simple skincare routine! Love when things are straight to the point. So happy for you ditching the wipes on a regular basis! Isn’t it just so much better? I might try that pixi moisturiser!!

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