Favourite Scents From 2019 || Best Smelling Candles

Hi Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? I can’t believe how long it has taken for me to write something on my blog. I had loads of ideas and then got worried about how interesting they would be to actually read. I’ve decided to get out of my head a little bit and just write content that I care about. So that is what we are doing, writing content that I care about because I basically make the rules around here. Without making this intro too long let’s just get started on what scents I have been loving in the year of 2019! I’ve got 5 different candles to talk to from 4 different brands so let’s get started. P.s I don’t know how to describe scents so this should be interesting.

Bath & Body Works – Midnight Blue Citrus

The first of two candles from Bath & Body Works to feature in today’s post, this one coming from the White Barn range. Unsurprisingly this has a refreshing citrus scent that has a floral sweetness to it. I think what I like about this scent is that it can be burned on a summers day without feeling to warm but also worked for the start of autumn for making the room feel a little more homely.

White Barn – Midnight Blue Citrus

Since this is an American brand it is hard to get a hold of in the UK but it is available on the Bath & Body Works website if you are happy to invest in shipping prices. Individually this size of candle costs $14.50 but they do have a deal for 2 for $20 right now.

Yankee Candle – The Perfect Tree

I’m not actually sure if this is the correct name of the scent, it could also be Christmas Garland but either way this is the perfect festive scent that isn’t based on cookies, candy or sweetness. I love the earthiness of this scent, it has such a warm feel to it and since I’ve burnt it at Christmas for the last two years now I really do associate the scent with that season.

Yankee Candle – The Perfect Tree

I only have the tea light version of this scent but know for a fact that I will be picking up a bigger version of this candle ready for Christmas 2020. I’m fairly sure that this is The Perfect Tree scent which is still available in all sizes on the website and is now in the sale! The other scent that I think this could be, Christmas Garland, is also in the sale but only in the large candle size.

Yorkshire Soap Co. – Yorkshire Rose & Bergamot

Whenever anyone comes to visit me in Leeds I always recommend heading into this store because, well, I’m obsessed. They have a great range products made in the UK including amazing smelling bath products, soaps and scented candles. I’ve picked up a few this year but have most enjoyed the Yorkshire Rose & Bergamot scent. As the name suggests this has a floral undertone with a fresh citrus twist.

Yorkshire Soap Co. – Yorkshire Rose & Bergamot

Whilst the candles look small they do burn well and for a very long time. In fact all the wax in this burned entirely meaning all the scented goodness could be enjoyed rather than going to waste. I usually go for the small tin candles, which are listed on the website as a ‘Travel Candles‘, costing £6.95. Even if you are not able to visit a store you can order online so you don’t have to miss out on the Yorkshire goodness!

Bath & Body Works – Bondi Beach

Technically I brought this scent whilst visiting Florida in 2018 but I finished burning it this year and really enjoyed it! I would describe this as more of a summer scent, with vanilla undertones and a floral top note that is neither earthy or sweet. Overall it reminds me of fresh laundry probably because of the flower and banana leaf combo.

Bath & Body Works – Bondi Beach

This candle isn’t actually available anymore so I guess it was a limited edition scent. Sorry! I do like how the Bath & Body work candles sent lasts as they burn but unfortunately there is about 2cm of wax left at the bottom if each candle that doesn’t burn away meaning some goes to waste. This is a little bit annoying although if you have a wax burner you could probably scrap this section out and burn it that way.

DW Home – Pumpkin

Obviously this candle is a part of the autumnal range but it is one that I could easily enjoy well into the winter months. It’s got that warm, spiced undertone that just helps dark nights feel so cosy. By far this has been my favourite scent of the entire year. When I asked my boyfriend to describe this scent he used the insightful words ‘cinnamon’.

DW Home – Pumpkin

It was my close friend Arun who got me into this brand of scented candles and I’ve got to say they are amazing. I got the mini version in TK Maxx and burnt through it in about 2 weeks – and that was me just using it for a couple hours each evening. It filled my entire living room/kitchen area with this warming, pumpkin deliciousness. The packaging makes a cute piece of home ware

I can’t remember how much I paid for this at the time but it was under £8 I think. Although right now on the DW Home Candles website you can purchase the large double wick candle for £9.78 or the medium single wick candle for £7.33. If this candle is still available when I have some more money I will 100% be picking this up!

I hope you have enjoyed this! Let me know in the comments below what scents you enjoy as I am always looking for something new to try.

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