Pink Clay Mask Review || Lacura/Aldi Skincare

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s been month since my last beauty product review and even longer since that was the main focus of my blog. I still love makeup and skincare but I just don’t have the same level of passion for it as I did a few years ago – plus it’s expensive to always be buying new products. BUT… Aldi are stocking more and more skin products from the brand Lacura and being the sucker that I am for new, affordable products I had to pick some of them up. I’ve got three things in total to talk about but today I’ll be starting with the Pink Clay Mask. If you want to find our more about this affordable skin care product that you can get in your local Aldi just keep on reading.

Pink Clay Mask Packaging

The product comes in cardboard packaging (which I love since it can be recycled) and costs just Β£5.99. By comparison I usually use the Himalayan Charcoal Mask from The Body Shop which costs Β£18 – I love this product but have ran out during lockdown and so I was happy to see something that is (hopefully) comparable in my local supermarket. I actually really like the packaging for for Pink Clay Mask, it’s minimalist and overall just looks cute to have out on display (however mine will be going in the skincare drawer).

The packaging includes a 60g pot of product and application brush.

The packaging is actually quite weighty which makes it feel surprisingly high quality. Plus as a little extra bonus you get a mini applicator brush inside that soft on the skin but dense enough to apply product well. I like to use a brush when applying face masks as I find it a look cleaner and more hygienic then putting my fingers in and out of the pot.

The product is quite thin which is what I expected in all honestly, as you apply the product it moves around the face easily and does apply quite evenly. The product does have a slight scent but it’s very neutral so I don’t think those of you who are sensitive to smells would be bothered by it. It smells a little like strawberry yoghurt but in a very light way – if that makes any sense at all…

On the box it says that the mask is ‘designed to help draw our impurities and refine pores, for a clearer and brighter complexion’. It also states that it has been dermatologically tested however this doesn’t really mean anything since there is no standard of testing in place in order for a product to use this phrase.

I applied a think layer of the product using the included brush

I applied the product to my skin evenly using the provided brush and then left it to set on my skin. The packaging says to leave it for 10 minutes but I think I had it on for slightly longer, part of the mask had dried down and began to feel tight on my skin but the rest hadn’t. This might be because I didn’t have an even layer all over my skin, next time I would probably use slightly less product and leave on for longer.

I washed the product of and whilst my skin did feel clean I would still go in with another cleanser afterwards as my skin didn’t feel like it had had much of a deep clean. It has left a slight glow to my skin so the product definitely lives up to the brightening claims it makes on the packaging. Overall, it’s a decent product, for the price I’m pretty impressed with how high quality the packaging is and the fact that the formula actually did something is a win.

The packaging looks a lot more expensive than it actually was!

I do have one negative to say about this product and this is more of a me issue as opposed to the product as whole. You get a good amount of product in the pot but it only stays fresh for 6 months after opening. since I like to use a variety of skincare products throughout the month I’m not sure I’ll be finished with the product by the expiration date. Is that something to complain about when the product is Β£5.99? No, not really but I thought I would mention it anyway.

The product is available online however, it’s currently out of stock so if you want to try this out for yourself you’ll probably have to hunt for it in your local store.

I hope you enjoyed this review, it was nice to write another product review! I’m looking forward to reviewing the other Lacura/Aldi skincare products that I’ve picked up. If you want to be notified when I upload be sure you subscribe with your email (or WordPress account) by using the follow button below (or at the side for desktop users). Fingers crossed I don’t wait quite as long to get the next product review uploaded!

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