2020 – My silver lining

I know for many 2020 has been a year that they can’t wait to forget. But for me there any been several things of which I’m incredibly proud of/thankful for. I don’t want to brag, I know I have been privileged this year with a job, plenty of food, and love from family and friends. I just wanted to add my own silver lining to 2020…

> I earned an 80% overall grade for my second year of university. One module was an 88% of which I’m particularly proud.

> Haydn and I had the opportunity to explore lots of new places near and far. Even made it aboard twice for Rome and Copenhagen.

> I’ve worked with some lovely freelance clients from whom I’ve learnt a lot (and some sh** ones from whom I’ve learnt even more!)

> I was offered another part time job as Marketing Assistant with the Students Union after my initial contract ended in March. This has enabled me to learn and develop so many skills of which I’m really proud.

> Haydn and I upgraded to a house (to be on the bus route for my uni which u have used once, but we won’t worry about that)

> I only bought recycled, upcycled and second hand fashion all year (aside from a coat which I treated myself to)

> Buzz and Woody (the piggies) learnt new tricks due to my lockdown boredom.

> Saw some cute cows on a walk that made me want to reduce my meat intake and I now eat roughly half as much as I did before

> I passed my Theory Test and started driving lessons! (finally)

> I was asked to be a bridesmaid at a friend’s wedding and I can’t flipping wait!

> More than ever before I’ve felt the true value if family and friends. Ive spent longer than ever before talking to those I love and I’m so grateful to have that many amazing people in my life.

2020 has been tough and I, like basically everyone else has struggled with things at least a couple of times. Yet somehow, even in darkness I’ve made great things happen for myself and will continue to look forward to a brighter future regardless of whether it’s tier 3 or 4 over the next few weeks.

Heres to another year of positive thoughts and success.

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