Barcelona 2018 || Travel Blog

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well!

Day 1

We left for the airport after work on the 21st November, since our flight was early the following morning we stayed in the cutest Airbnb the night before. Our host was lovely, it was the first time I’ve stayed in a ‘private room’ not an ‘entire flat’ and I honestly think it was great – I’d do it again as it saves a lot of money.

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Canal Boat Sleepover || Unique Hotel

Hey guys,

I hope you’re doing well? It’s no secret that I love exploring new places, particularly with my trusty companion, Haydn by my side. Recently we’ve found ourselves getting lazy, spending weekends together sat at home watching endless amounts of YouTube. That’s why I decided to jump on AirBnB to book us a night away somewhere new.

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Florida 2018 || Exploring The Sunshine State

Hey Guys,

I hope you’re doing well? Haydn and I have just gotten back from our summer holiday in Florida! Of course after an incredible vacation like this one I had to do a blog post to document the incredible experiences we had. This was a pretty action packed trip, we squeezed in a lot during out 2 week stay – we’re particularly grateful for Haydn’s friend Andy, who initially invited us over. Thanks to his generosity we were able to travel all around the state, staying in various hotels and using his car.

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Our First Holiday || Prague 2017

Hey Guys,

I hope your doing well? Itโ€™s been ages since Iโ€™ve done a proper blog post but this ones super exciting – at least I think so. If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen that last week Haydn and I visited the Chezch Republic, specifically Prague. This will be a long post so get cosy!

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